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100 1 $aTasker, David,$d1953-
245 10$aAncient Near Eastern literature and the Hebrew Scriptures about the fatherhood of God /$cDavid Tasker.
260   $aNew York :$bPeter Lang,$cc2004.
300   $axxiii, 230 p. ;$c23 cm.
490 1 $aStudies in biblical literature ;$vv. 69
504   $aIncludes bibliographical references (p. [209]-223) and index.
505 00$gPt. 1.$tThe fatherhood of the gods in Ancient Near Eastern literature --$g1.$tSumer-Akkad --$g2.$tEgypt --$g3.$tUgarit --$gPt. 2.$tGod as father in the Hebrew scriptures --$g4.$tThe song of Moses --$g5.$tThe vision of Nathan --$g6.$tHymnic and wisdom literature --$g7.$tThe prophets --$gPt. 3.$tA biblical theology of the fatherhood of God --$g8.$tWhat the fatherhood of God teaches about God --$g9.$tWhat the fatherhood of God teaches about humanity --$g10.$tPostscript.
520 1 $a"Ancient Near Eastern Literature and the Hebrew Scriptures About the Fatherhood of God discusses some of the main "father-god" concepts of the people of the Ancient Near East, then examines the eighteen occurrences of God's fatherhood specifically mentioned in Hebrew Scripture. From these sources, the book develops a theology of God's fatherhood that honors both ancient and modern scrutiny. Although many studies have explored the subject of the fatherhood of God - mostly from the perspective of nonbiblical disciplines, and through the lens of Greco-Roman mythology - this book takes into account the wealth of material from the ancient Near East, the birthplace of the Hebrew Scriptures."--BOOK JACKET.
650  0$aGod$xFatherhood$xBiblical teaching.
630 00$aBible.$pOld Testament$xTheology.
650  0$aGod$xFatherhood$vComparative studies.
651  0$aMiddle East$xReligion.
830  0$aStudies in biblical literature ;$vv. 69.
856 41$3Table of contents$uhttp://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/ecip0418/2004013740.html
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