Bulk Download ISBN Source Data at ISBNPlus

ISBNPlus uses open source ISBN database from various parties, special thanks to those parties that made their ISBN data open to the public.
Here, we list all the source database ISBNPlus uses, with links to the original database, you can visit each source and acquire for your use.
We also listed each source's license status, they are mostly under "public domain" or "CC0", but please make sure your check the license page before you download them.

Download ISBN Source Data at ISBNPlus
Source License Format Download Link
Library of Congress internet-archive MARC https://archive.org/
Harvard Library Open Metadata CC0 1.0 Public Domain MARC http://library.harvard.edu/
University of Toronto internet-archive MARC https://archive.org/
Universitätsbibliothek Mannheim CC0 Public Domain MARC https://wiki.bsz-bw.de/
San Francisco Public Library public domain MARC https://archive.org/
Universitätsbibliothek Mannheim CC0 Public Domain MARC https://wiki.bsz-bw.de/
Oregon libraries internet-archive MARC https://archive.org/
University of Michigan Libraries Creative Commons CC0 MARCXML http://www.lib.umich.edu/
Cambridge university library Public Domain MARC http://data.lib.cam.ac.uk/
Buffalo State College internet-archive MARC http://archive.org/
Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen CC0 MARC https://wiki.bsz-bw.de/
Publications New Zealand CC BY 3.0 NZ MARC http://natlib.govt.nz/
California College of the Arts internet-archive MARC http://archive.org/
UNC Library internet-archive MARC http://archive.org/
University of Ohio internet-archive MARC http://archive.org/
Universität Konstanz CC0 MARC https://wiki.bsz-bw.de/
Toronto Public Library internet-archive MARC http://archive.org/
Helsinki region city libraries CC BY SA MARC http://thedatahub.org/
B3Kat-Daten CC0 MARC http://www.bib-bvb.de/
Western Washington University Libraries internet-archive MARC http://archive.org/
INDCAT internet-archive MARC http://archive.org/
Swedish National Bibliography CC0 MARC http://www.kb.se/
Columbia University Libraries Open Catalog CC0 1.0 Public Domain MARCXML http://lito.cul.columbia.edu/
Project MUSE CC0 MARC https://muse.jhu.edu/
University of Illinois Library Creative Commons CC0 / ODC-BY 1.0 MARCXML http://catalogdata.library.illinois.edu/


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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.002.sql.gz
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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.003.sql.gz
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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.004.sql.gz
    File Size:1.07 GB
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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.005.sql.gz
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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.006.sql.gz
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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.007.sql.gz
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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.008.sql.gz
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  • File Name:isbnplus.org.009.sql.gz
    File Size:859.5 MB
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