Sensors, Cameras, And Systems For Scientificindustrial Applications VII: 17-19 January, 2006, San Jose, California, USA

ISBN: 0819461083, 9780819461087
Author/Editor(s): Morley M Blouke; Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers; IS & T--the Society for Imaging Science and Technology
Publisher: SPIE ( Bellingham, Wash. )
Published/Copyright Year: 12006
Language: English
LCCN: 2006286991
Series: SPIE ( v. 6068 )
Proceedings Of Electronic Imaging Science And Technology
Proceedings Of SPIE--the International Society For Optical Engineering ( v. 6068 )
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Metal Oxide Semiconductors, Complementary > Congresses
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Concept, Context, Contestation: Art And The Collective In Southeast Asia, 13 December 2013-16 March 2014, 8th Floor, Bangkok Art And Culture Centre

ISBN: 6169110864, 9786169110866
Author/Editor(s): Iola Lenzi; Agung Hujatnikajennong (1976-); Wipht Phrichnon; Bangkok Art and Culture Centre; Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Foundation
Publisher: M Nnithi H Sinlapa Watthanatham H Ng Krung Th P Mah Nakh N ( Bangkok )
Published/Copyright Year: 2557
Language: English
Number of pages: 239
Art, Southeast Asian > 21st Century > Exhibitions
Art, Modern > 21st Century > Exhibitions
Art And Society > Southeast Asia > Exhibitions
Artists > Southeast Asia > Biography

Attalak Thai Yai Nai Krasæ Khwamplianplæng

ISBN: 6165512887, 9786165512886
Author/Editor(s): Performing Arts International Conference ((2009); Monthira Ratho; Chulalongkonmahawitthayalai; Euro-Burma Office
Publisher: Euro-Burma Office ( Krung Thep )
Published/Copyright Year: 2554
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2012331584
Number of pages: 183
Shan (Asian People) > Social Life And Customs > Congresses
Shan (Asian People) > Burma > Congresses
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Mæ Tiu, Chiwit Ni Yu Pha Khrai

ISBN: 6117009003, 9786117009006
Author/Editor(s): Suthasini Noiin; Suthasini Noiin Foundation for Children and Youths
Publisher: Chamnai Sayam Intœ Mantimidia ( Bangkok )
Published/Copyright Year: 2552
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2009317565
Number of pages: 179
Suthasini Noiin
Suthasini Noiin Foundation For Children And Youths > History
Philanthropists > Thailand > Biography

Kanprachum Pracham Pi Ikhomot Thai Læ Kansammana Wichakan Pracham Pi 2547, Ikhomot Kap Botbat Khong Khrakhai Kananurak Læ Phatthana Moradok Thang Watthanatham Nai Prathet Thai: Proceedings Scientific Seminar On "ICOMOS And Cultural Heritage Conservation Network In Thailand" And ICOMOS Thailand Annual Meeting 2004, 27-28 November 2004

ISBN: 9749985419, 9789749985410
Author/Editor(s): Scientific Seminar on "ICOMOS and Cultural Heritage Conservation Network in Thailand" ((2004); ICOMOS Thailand
Publisher: Ikhomot Thai ( Krung Thep )
Published/Copyright Year: 2549
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2008314373
Number of pages: 304
ICOMOS Thailand
Cultural Property > Protection > Thailand > Congresses
Historic Sites > Conservation And Restoration > Thailand > Congresses
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Datchan Witthayst Læ Thknly Pha Knkamnot Læ Knlamdap Khwmsamkhan Khong Naybi: Science & Technology Indicators For Policy And Priority Setting

ISBN: 9747360772, 9789747360776
Author/Editor(s): Public Seminar on S & T Indicators for Policy and Priority Setting ((2000); Samnakngn Phatthan Witthayst læ Thknly hng Cht (Thailand)
Publisher: Sn Borikn Srasontht Thng Thknly, Samnakngn Phatthan Witthayst Læ Thknly Hng Cht ( Krung Thp )
Published/Copyright Year: 2544
Language: Thai
Number of pages: 89
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Technology And State > Thailand > Congresses

Krop Kndamnœn Ngn Knhat Knsks Samrap Phm Khwmtongkn Phist

ISBN: 9748768929, 9789748768922
Author/Editor(s): World Conference on Special Needs Education : Access and Quality ((1994); Unesco
Publisher: Klum Ngn Patirp Knsks Khan Phnthn, Samnakngn Khana Kammakn Knsks Hng Cht, Samnak Nyok Ratthamontr ( Krung Thp )
Published/Copyright Year: 2543
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2002347475
Number of pages: 32
People With Disabilities > Education > Congresses
Special Education > Congresses
Mainstreaming In Education > Congresses