SenSem Databank

Full Title: SenSem Databank
Author/Editor(s): Ana Fernandez; Gloria Vazquez; Linguistic Data Consortium
ISBN: 1585637017, 9781585637010
Publisher: Linguistic Data Consortium
Published Place: Philadelphia, PA
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: Spanish
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In Spanish and Catalan.
"SenSem (Sentence Semantics) Databank was developed by GRIAL, the Linguistic Applications Inter-University Research Group that includes the following Spanish institutions: the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, the Universitat de Barcelona, the Universitat de Lleida and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. It contains syntactic and semantic annotation for over 35,000 sentences, approximately one million words of Spanish and approximately 700,000 words of Catalan translated from the Spanish. GRIAL's work focuses on resources for applied linguistics, including lexicography, translation and natural language processing. Each sentence in SenSem Databank was labeled according to the verb sense it exemplifies, the type of complement it takes (arguments or adjuncts) and the syntactic category and function. Each argument was also labeled with a semantic role. Further information about the SenSem project can be obtained from the GRIAL website at *Data* The Spanish source data includes texts from news journals (30,000 sentences) and novels (5,299 sentences). Those sentences represent around 1,000 different verb meanings that correspond to the 250 most frequent Spanish verbs. Verb frequencies were retrieved from a quantitative analysis of around 13 million words. The Catalan corpus was developed by translating the news journal portion of the Spanish data set, resulting in a resource of over 700,000 sentences from which 391,267 sentences were annotated. Sentences were automatically translated and manually post-edited; some were re-annotated for sentence complements. Semantic information was the same for both languages. The Catalan sentences represent close to 1,300 different verbs."
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DCMI type(s): text.
Data source(s): newswire, fiction.
Application(s): machine translation, information extraction.
Author(s): Ana Fernandez, Gloria Vazquez.

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ISBNPlus ID: UPE.AM11.18940-11-52867
Other ID: 908201546(OCLC)
All Languages: Spanish; Catalan
Released Date: 20150506

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