Las Americas, Mayo 13

Full Title: Las Americas, Mayo 13: Tiempo De Reforzar Las Defensas Macroeconomicas
Author/Editor(s): International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1484391756, 9781484391754
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
Published Place: Washington, D.C.
Published/Copyright Year: 2013
Language: Spanish
Series: Regional Economic Outlook
IMF ELibrary
Number of pages: 1 online resource (75 pages)
Account Deficits
Adverse External Shocks
Adverse Macroeconomic Effects
Bond Issuance
Bond Yields
Business Cycle
Capital Flow
Capital Flow Restrictions
Capital Flows
Capital Inflow
Capital Inflows
Capital Outflow
Capital Outflows
Central Bank
Commodity Exporters
Commodity Prices
Credit Rating
Current Account
Current Account Balance
Current Account Balances
Current Account Deficit
Current Account Deficits
Current Account Surpluses
Current Accounts
Cuts In Government Spending
Debt Dynamics
Debt Ratio
Debt Ratios
Debt Reduction
Debt Relief
Debt Restructuring
Debt Securities
Debt Situation
Debt Structure
Debt Sustainability
Debt Sustainability Analysis
Declining Unemployment
Domestic Banks
Domestic Credit
Domestic Currency
Domestic Debt
Domestic Demand
Domestic Investment
Domestic Prices
Domestic Public Debt
Domestic Saving
Domestic Savings
Domestic Securities
Domestic Shocks
Dynamic Growth
Employment Rate
Equity Prices
Exchange Rate Regime
Exchange Rate Regimes
Expenditure Growth
Export Growth
Export Performance
Export Volumes
Exporting Countries
External Debt
External Debt Ratios
External Debt Sustainability
External Financial Shocks
External Financing
External Indebtedness
External Liabilities
External Position
External Shocks
Factor Accumulation
Fiscal Adjustment
Fiscal Adjustments
Fiscal Balances
Fiscal Budget
Fiscal Consolidation
Fiscal Consolidation Efforts
Fiscal Contraction
Fiscal Cost
Fiscal Costs
Fiscal Data
Fiscal Deficit
Fiscal Deficit Reduction
Fiscal Discipline
Fiscal Drag
Fiscal Effort
Fiscal Efforts
Fiscal Indicators
Fiscal Issues
Fiscal Multipliers
Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policy Responses
Fiscal Policy Stimulus
Fiscal Position
Fiscal Reaction
Fiscal Reaction Function
Fiscal Retrenchment
Fiscal Revenues
Fiscal Risks
Fiscal Rule
Fiscal Rules
Fiscal Solvency
Fiscal Space
Fiscal Spending
Fiscal Stance
Fiscal Stimulus
Fiscal Stimulus Package
Fiscal Sustainability
Fiscal Targets
Fiscal Tightening
Fiscal Variables
Fiscal Vulnerabilities
Foreign Asset
Foreign Asset Accumulation
Foreign Asset Position
Foreign Assets
Foreign Borrowing
Foreign Ownership
Gdp Growth
Gdp Growth Rate
Gdp Growth Rates
Government Securities
Government Spending
Growth Accounting
Growth Rate
Growth Rates
Idiosyncratic Factors
Idiosyncratic Shocks
Import Controls
Import Prices
Increase In Consumption
Increasing Competition
International Financial
International Financial Statistics
International Standards
Key Fiscal Indicators
Labor Force
Labor Force Participation
Labor Force Participation Rate
Labor Force Participation Rates
Labor Productivity
Low Unemployment
Low Unemployment Rates
Market Assets
Monetary Union
Mutual Funds
Negative Spillovers
Net Exports
Net Foreign Asset
Net Foreign Asset Position
Official Flows
Oil Imports
Oil Prices
Open Economies
Output Growth
Primary Expenditure
Private Capital
Prudent Fiscal Policy
Prudential Regulation
Public And Publicly Guaranteed
Public And Publicly Guaranteed Debt
Public Debt
Public Expenditure
Public Finances
Public Spending
Real Gdp
Reserve Accumulation
Securities Market
Short-term Capital
Short-term Capital Inflows
Sovereign Debt
Sovereign Default
Speculative Capital
Spending Cuts
Strong Capital Inflows
Tax Increases
Tax Revenues
Terms Of Trade
Terms-of-trade Shocks
Total Factor Productivity
Trade Changes
Trade Integration
Trade Openness
Trade Shock
Trade Shocks
Trading Partner
Trading Partners
Unemployment Levels
Unemployment Rate
Unemployment Rates
World Growth
World Output
World Trade
World Trade Organization
Antigua And Barbuda
Bahamas, The
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Saint Kitts And Nevis
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
Trinidad And Tobago
United States

Despite some global risks, external conditions for Latin America should remain stimulative. With monetary policy in advanced economies expected to stay accommodative, external financing conditions will remain favorable. Strong demand from emerging Asian economies and the gradual recovery of advanced economies will continue to support commodity prices, benefiting exporters. The main policy challenge for most of the region is to take advantage of current conditions to continue buttressing a foundation for sustained growth. Other issues important to the region include: (i) strengthening balance sheets; (ii) understanding how changes in external conditions could impact public and external debt dynamics; and (iii) making the best use of the windfall from the recent terms-of-trade boom.

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